Over the last 12 ½ years , Axintera has been a growing accountancy firm, located in Sainte-Catherine in the North of France, close to the Belgian border and not far from  Paris. With our recently established offices in Les Sables d’Olonne and Bordeaux (Western France) we also have a “pied à terre” in the area of ​​Avignon (South-East France).


We support Dutch- and English-speaking companies and entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their business in France.

Axintera offers these companies a full-service package in the fields of accountancy and digitization, payroll and HR, tax and legal advice. The communication with our customers is completely digital: from depositing the invoices on our online platform to discussing the financial statements via video conference. With Axintera, it is unnecessary to send a shoe box full of receipts by post!


Thanks to our Dutch-speaking and English-speaking business network in France, we can also refer our customers to partners with other specialties such as; lawyers, notaries, banks, business developers and market research. Our team is made up of a multilingual panel speaking Dutch, English and French. We stand and go for quality, efficiency, respect, honesty and clear agreements.


At Axintera we work as a team in order to provide the services required by our customers. Working together while combining our multilingual and technical skills ensures anefficient communication and proper handling of every file. We are active throughout France and our clients are mainly in small and medium-sized businesses from sole traders to corporations (EURL / SARL, SAS, SA, SCI, etc.). The activities of our customers vary: tourism, retail, construction, start-up, real estate, industry, liberal professions, etc. (craftsmen, local merchants, liberal professions, industry).


We also provide payroll and HR for Dutch-speaking and English-speaking companies who want to hire staff in France but do not (want to) have a branch or a permanent establishment in France. This allows to test the French market without having an official branch in France.


Axintera is registered with the French Association of Chartered Accountants (Ordre des Experts Comptables) and works according to French norms and regulations. A mandatory agreement letter (lettre de mission) contractually confirms the collaboration between us as the accountant and you as the client.


It is also possible to set up a domiciliation (registered address) for your business with a related company of Axintera. With this you can register yourbusiness or branch at the French Chamber of Commerce without renting a business premises. Your mail is received (confidential) in the same building as Axintera. We can assist you in establishing and registering your company in France. For further information please complete the contact form.

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